P.I.: Yeşim Aydın Son

Members: Dr. Levent Çarkacıoğlu, Ceyhun Gedikoğlu, Sait Can Yücebaş,

Alumni: Gürkan Üstünkar, Ph.D. (IS), Onat Kadıoğlu, M.S. (BIN)

Genomic Biomarkers Group works under the supervision of Asist. Prof. Dr. Yeşim Aydın Son investigating data mining and optimization tools that are available for the dimension reduction of high-throughput data that can be utilized for the development of prioritization and selection tools to be integrated to Genome Wide Association Studies pipeline for SNP genotyping data.


Our group recently released a java based integrated system METU-SNP ( , for genome wide association and prioritization of SNP biomarkers through novel AHP based algorithm. METU-SNP also provides discovery of genes and pathways related to diseases.

Ongoing projects of GBG involves:


(1) iSNP: Building an integrated SNP database that can automatically synchronize itself with third party public databases to provide up-to-date SNP and its metadata to METU-SNP application

(2) pi-SNP ( : Transferring METU-SNP desktop application into an web service where different users can register and upload their data using the GWAS pipeline we are offering