NeTLAB – Network Modeling Lab

We work on network modelling of human diseases at the top level, specifically in cancer. All the projects we contribute consist of steps starting at the data production, computational modeling and hypothesis generations, and finally experimental validation. We have experience both in structural bioinformatics and computational systems biology. These two different but complementing areas are combined and improved to address new questions in the systems biology area in our research group.

Obviously, biology is still moving toward generation of big data. No single data type is capable to fully represent the cellular activity. Beyond the list of molecules from each data type, there is a necessity to consider multiple data jointly and reconstruct the relations between these molecules which implies the necessity of personalized network-based approaches. We develop new integrative network modelling approaches to combine multiple high-throughput data with interactomes. Our current and planned research covers several branches of the systems biology of diseases. The main topics can be listed as follows:

  • revealing tumour specific structural networks by integrating alternative splicing events,
  • modelling temporal signalling networks in tumour tissues,
  • analysis of temporal ischemic effects at sample freezing stage in ovarian cancer,
  • integrating multi-omic data to reconstruct patient-specific cancer pathways.

Group Members

  • Nurcan Tuncbag, Principal Investigator, METU
  • Gungor Budak, PhD student at Computer Engineering, METU
  • Seyma Unsal Beyge, PhD Student at Medical Informatics, METU
  • Melike Caglayan, PhD Student at Medical Informatics, METU
  • Mecit Sari, PhD Student at Information Systems, METU
  • Rumeysa Fayetorbay, MSc student at Bioinformatics, METU
  • Tugba Kaya, MSc student at Bioinformatics Program
  • Cansu Demirel, MSc student at Bioinformatics, METU
  •  Gokce Senger, MSc Student at Bioinformatics, METU
  • Cansu Dincer, MSc student at Bioinformatics, METU


  • 2017 Bilimsel Araştırma Projeleri (BAP) Desteği (Yürütücü)
  • 2015 Bilim Akademisi Genç Bilim İnsanları Ödül Programı (BAGEP) Ödülü
  • 2016 –2018 T.C. Kalkınma Bakanlığı, Altyapı Desteği; Kanser Sistem Biyolojisi Laboratuvarı (KanSiL) (Araştırmacı)  
  • 2014 – 2016 FP7 the Marie Curie Action and TÜBİTAK Co-funded Uluslararası Deneyimli Araştırmacı Dolaşımı Destek Programı (Yürütücü)


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External Collaborators

  • Ernest Fraenkel, PhD - MIT
  • Ozlem Keskin, PhD - Koc University
  • Attila Gursoy, PhD - Koc University
  • Betul Kacar, PhD - Harvard University
  • Ruth Nussinov, PhD, NIH
  • Rengul Cetin-Atalay, MD, PhD - METU
  • Yesim Aydin-Son, MD, PhD - METU
  • Tolga Can, PhD - METU
  • Nurhan Ozlu, PhD - Koc University